Nunchaku pay attention to good maintenance and care, so it can durable.

First of all, can not arbitrarily use nunchaku hit hard object, so as to avoid the rod body rupture; usually do not, do not throw, must put into bat sleeve.

Secondly, each finished stick, must clean the perspiration, first with a cloth with water scrubbing away perspiration, dry-clean cloth, post in ventilated and dry place, avoid iron rust or nylon rope damp.

Not long into the sun or a high temperature environment, so as to avoid the stick body cracking.

Nunchaku should often practice, and grease chains, in order to maintain its torsional flexibility, monthly dipped in olive oil, camellia oil or other plant oil towel and maintenance time, prevent rusting chains, maintain flexibility of universal bolt.

If it is a nylon rope type nunchakus, always in the top two sides stick wax, to reduce wear, also can be in a nylon rope chain with a little wax appropriate maintenance.

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