The nunchuck is no longer just a fighting technology, has become a fashionable sport, many people are learning. So how do you train well nunchuck want to talk about my experience points, and friends who encourage each other to learn stick here.

First, the stick of choice: just beginning to learn the nunchaku without having to buy expensive nunchaku, key to select the appropriate specifications. In general, the principle of the stick long, single rod length does not exceed the length of his arm; the middle of the chain length does not exceed the length of the palm. In terms of quality, durable, and feel comfortable on it. Beginning to learn stick first with a wooden practice, after a certain basis, and back to the iron bar. There is now a foam stick, I do not recommend this stick to training. Feel bad because this stick, the essentials of a lot of stick work hard to understand, but also fail to reflect the the nunchuck bold and mighty.

Now we come to talk about how to practice stick: learning the nunchakus must follow Deep, the principle of gradual and orderly progress. The best side can understand stick a friend, and often give advice, this can have a multiplier effect. If not, it does not matter, you can find some nunchakus video to learn. Beginners can look at Li Xiangwei “Getting Started with nunchakus and twelve which action is very simple, very suitable for beginners. Sword Dance Until this nunchaku basic teaching one to seven episodes and then look at the inside of the stick work is very comprehensive, can be used as the medium-term materials. These are all learned to Lianshu find some nunchaku master video to observe and study the characteristics of their stick work, the combination of action, and then depending on your situation, create your own unique stick work.

Learning nunchuck there is a very important point is to persevere, to engage in active practice. Can not be three days of fits and starts, but can not run out of steam. You know, any nunchaku master is not in the overnight inter-excel, they are eating a lot of pain; by a lot of tired; even by a lot of injuries, to reach today’s realm. In short, you want to learn the nunchuck, it is necessary to hard work and practice, but also good at thinking. Because there are many things does not depend on others to teach you, but rely on your own to explore; to comprehend.

Finally give the friends of the school stick a piece of advice: Do not nunchuck used for combat. Actual combat situation is very complex, such as the opponents of martial arts routines; the use of weapons; the number of people, and so on, are marked by uncertainty. Practice stick not more than two years; stick work is not very skilled, it is best not to do such an attempt. And I always thought, we learn that the nunchuck for the mind, physical fitness, and only in compelling circumstances, can be used to self-defense self-defense. Not designed to earn a strong fighting hard, holding the strong bullying the weak, if only to fight and it lost the meaning of the learning stick. I hope to see more through practice nunchakus to increase the repair weapons, not a group of murderers use the nunchuck to thugs.

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