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Here are some nunchuck related products.Maybe you will need some.

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  • Cheap Aluminum nunchakus


    Stick length: 27cm chain length: 14cm weight: 140g Taper: none Cheap aluminum alloy nunchakus ,suitable for large-scale activities performances. Large number of purchase, freight calculated separately.

  • gold dragon embroidered nunchuck package


    Very nice nunchuck special package. Gold dragon embroidered for all wooden nunchaku. One part of the high-end products, presented this package. If the nunchuck you choose is not in the gift list, you can purchased separately.

  • lamp holder for glow nunchaku


    Here we prepare some lamp holder for glow nunchaku. two type: 1.Motion sensor control(only red blue green orange) 2.Switch control(red blue green orange white redblueflashing redgreenflashing) Switch control lamp holder and motion sensor control lamp holder can replaced each other. Here is the night glowing photo.

  • seven core spare rope for nunchaku


    We use the diameter 4mm 7 core rope can withstand 150kg pull. Rope is weave very tight, good wear resistance. army green,khaki,black three color. We also prepared some Chinese knot(left:King Kong Knot,right:Yudai knot),makes your nunchuck look more personalized. Strictly speaking,the knot will hinder the nunchuck rotation. From a practical perspective,double rope will be the best….

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    Specific price nunchakus sale link


    321 stainless steel nunchuck 28cm diameter 2.2cm 840g — $76.50 Three section cudgel model 2 — $121.5 shipping cost $25. total $198+$25= $204+$19. for Koh Hooi.