1. 30 cm long

2. wooden

3. painted

4. 200 gramm

5. 24 mm in diameter.

6. connection is about 10 cm long Ping-pong ball Regular white ping-pong ball (bought a pack of 6 in regular Sport Store) placed on top of paper roll. The goal is to figure out what will happen to a ping-pong ball after just ONE single hit with most ordinary nunchaku.


1. Even if you are so incredibly accurate with nunchaku that you can hit flying ping pong ball with the right angle and power, the first strike must destroy the ball. That makes playing ping pong with ordinary nunchaku simply impossible. 2. This experiment also demonstrates the superior power of nunchaku even in hands of most regular person. Imagine how fast and powerful you must be to do the same with empty hand.

nunchuck for sale Nunchakus are cheap, simple, but very powerful weapons. They are not toys. They can easily break any bone in human body. Remember that and never use them on people or animals. Peace! Exactly the same as I think. http://mynunchaku.blogspot.com/2011/10/ping-pong-ball-beaten-by-nunchaku.html

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