Snakewood nunchuck collect practice snake pattern


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Stick length: 28cm (Photo two the right side 4 about 24cm)
Rope length: 13cm (Adjustable)
weight: 400g (Photo two the right side 4 about 330g)
Taper: 2.5cm-2.9cm (Photo two the right side 4 about 2.5cm-2.8cm)

Snakewood is an incredibly beautiful wood which originates mostly in Suriname, South America.The specific gravity is around 1.2, making it one of the worlds hardest woods.

Snakewood scrap rate of product is very high, and not all products have the most perfect pattern.So we has no plans to mass production,prices mainly determined by the beauty of snake pattern.

Photo one and Photo two we have photos of the pros and cons(same order from left to right).And one part of the nunchuck has been sold out.Here is the price .

Main photo:$850,$850,$850(sold out)
Photo one:$600,$600,$699(sold out),$699(sold out)
Photo two:$350(sold out),$350,$350(sold out),$350,$350,$320(sold out),$280

If you are considering to buy these, you can contact us to obtain the latest inventory.And we will send you definition of 5000??5000pixels photos.

Gifts:gold dragon embroidered package,spare rope(Double rope or King Kong Knot)


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