Fresh cocobolo nunchaku collect practice red black


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Stick length: 28cm
Rope length: 13cm( Adjustable)
weight: 350g
Taper: 2.5cm-2.9cm

"Cocobolo is a tropical hardwood of the tree Dalbergia retusa from Central America.Its use in gun grips and knife handles, Cocobolo is favored for fine inlay work for custom high-end cue sticks , police batons , pens, brush backs, and musical instruments, especially guitars, drums and basses."

This cocobolo nunchaku is made of fresh material,if you keep it for several decades.It may become dark color because of oxidation.

We also have some old cocobolo wood nunchuck.

We made old cocobolo and fresh cocobolo wood four in all,so this nunchuck may temporarily not in stock,you still can contact us.We may buy this wood again recently.


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