Wholesale & Customize

We provide a variety of wood and stainless steel nunchuck customize and wholesale.

1.Nunchuck Custom

We can engrave your name or your organization's mark on the nunchucks.

Send us an email like this.

Materials: the same as http://nunchaku1-1.net/xxxxx.html(wood and stainless steel only).
Single stick length: xxx cm
Diameter or Taper: xx cm-xx cm(Make sure you know the meaning of this value.)
Rope length or chain length: xx cm.
Slip lines: yes or no
Weight: A certain length, diameter and material of the nunchuck, the weight is usually fixed.We can not control the weight precisely.
Engraving: YOUR NAME or other
And Your address.

We will attach a customized quote in reply.

you can check here for Stainless steel nunchuck Engraving demo

2.Nunchuck Wholesale

If you are considering purchase a large number of high quality nunchakus.Please contact the number you need, we will give you a reasonable offer.

I can proudly say, we provide the best nunchuck in the world.
The overall polish,metal connectors, center of gravity control,holes location.
Every details are carefully designed and manufactured, coupled the best materials.

You have reason to trust us.