Motion sensor glow nunchaku 4 lamp holder enhanced

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$32.00Sale: $30.405% off

Stick length: 28cm
chain length: 16.5cm(default) or 19cm ( Adjustable)
weight: 190g
diameter: 2.5cm

Glow nunchaku is a performance props,compared to other nunchuck workmanship is not that good.We guarantee it glowing good and ruggedness.Is definitely the best glow nunchakus you can buy online.

This nunchuck have two exposed lamp holder,and if you drop it to the ground will be very easy damaged the two lamp.
Anyway is really cool when you rotate it in dark.

When you want to buy this, please tell us which four colors you want.
And this motion sensor control lamp holder only red blue green orange four color.
If you want to buy a few lamp holder for spare.--->lamp holder for glow nunchaku